This episode describes the background of Anglo-Maratha War Outline The internal conflict of Marathas The entry of British Bombay Presidency in Battle of Peshwaship and Treaty of Surat British Administrative Reconstruction and the conflict of Presidencies Treaty of Purandhar Battle of Wadgaon Treaty of Salbai References:
1) Anglo-maratha-Relations-1772-1785 2) Anglo-Maratha-Relations-And-Malcolm1798-1830 3)Continue Reading

After a short break, we are back with another episode. In this episode Kaushik Mazumdar, host of the show is talking to Dipanjan Maiti about Anglo-Maratha War. Episode Length: 0:18:31 Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again on February 20, 2020 for another episode! ● Contact Us ● leaveContinue Reading

This episode describes the events leading to the final days of of Tipu Sultan Outline ● The Missile Man ● Third Anglo-Mysore War ● ● ● ● ● References: 1. Waqai-i manazil-i Rum: Tipu Sultan’s mission to Constantinople – Mohibbul Hasan 2. 3. Ibid., p.912 4. Letter of MaletContinue Reading

This episode describes the events leading to the Third Anglo-Mysore war and rise of Tipu Sultan Outline ● Treaty of Mangalore ● Conflict with Marathas ● Treaty of Gajendragad ● Tipu Sultan’s global diplomacy ● Attack on Travancore ● British alliances with Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad ● Battle forContinue Reading

This episode describes the powerplay of British East India Company in Southern India and Rise of Hyder Ali Outline Introduction Interview with Dipanjan Political Landscape of Southern India Marathas Rise of Hyder Ali Hyder Ali’s Navy Anglo-Mysore War 1 Anglo Mysore War 2 References:  Bowring, Lewin (1899). Haidar Alí andContinue Reading

This episode describes the events at Battle of Buxar Outline Rebellion against Mir Zafar Dethroning Mir Zafar Mir Qasim’s ascension to Nawabhood Mir Qasim formed allied front against British Battle of Buxar References:  Sen, Sailendra Nath (2009). History Of The Freedom Movement In India (1857-1947). Cust, Edward (1858). Annals ofContinue Reading

This episode describes the events at Battle of Plassey Outline ● Siraj’s ascension to the throne ● The conspiracy at Nawab’s court ● Nawab Siraj attacked Calcutta ● Captain Robert Clive and Admiral Watson ● Treaty of Alinagar ● Battle of Plassey ● Fate of the conspirators References: 1. Chaudhary,Continue Reading

This episode describes the arrival of British East India Company in India and how they grow exponentially and challenged the political leadership of India. *Outline * ● The Beginning ● The Arrival of British East India Company ● British East India Company obtainned right to do Business from Mughal EmperorContinue Reading

This is the introductory episode. This episode briefly describes what to expect in upcoming episodes and why do we need to tell the story of India’s armed revolution against British Rule.Through our show we will try to stay as true as possible and present – if not unregistered, but forgottenContinue Reading