The Seven Brothers Champa (সাত ভাই চম্পা) is a story of seven brothers and their sister who were separated from each other at the time of birth. The jealousy and anger of the elder queens provoked them to bury seven brothers alive and instigated the king, Nakashatrajyoti, to banish his youngest queen from the Palace. Parul, who was the sole sister of the brothers, was raised by the royal maid until one day, she found out her actual identity. Once she realizes she is the princess of Surjanagar along with knowing what happened to her mother and brothers, Paul decides to bring her family back together and live a happy life with her father, mother and brothers. Will Parul be successful in reuniting her family?


Tiara Mukherjee
Ayshani Atarthi
Abhiraj Ray
Soham Banerjee
Rohil Poruchuri
Dhruv Sahai
Atreyee Atarthi
Savir Para
Kritika Maari
Ruhan Para
Roshni Pillari
Annie Bannerjee
Mahi Gupta