Arun, Barun, Kiranmala is the story of three young orphans who embark on a venturesome journey to find their biological parents. As infants, they were found floating in a river where a hermit came to rescue them. The nurturing hermit raised Arun, Barun and Kiranmala until the children finally desired to discover their true parents. The three siblings overcome many obstacles in an attempt to reunite their family. During the journey, they encounter many helpful individuals such as the red robin, golden bird, and a kind old woman to assist them along the way. However, they also must conquer multiple evil creatures such as a vengeful witch and a deadly monster in order to continue their expedition. Will Arun, Barun, and Kiranmala overcome these obstacles and ultimately have their happy ending? Or will the unknown vanquish the siblings before they get the chance to be reunited with their parents? Watch this brilliant play by KS Productions to immerse yourself in the tale of Arun, Barun, Kiranmala!