This is the introductory episode. This episode briefly describes what to expect in upcoming episodes and why do we need to tell the story of India’s armed revolution against British Rule.Through our show we will try to stay as true as possible and present – if not unregistered, but forgotten history of The Revolutionaries and their armed struggle of Indian freedom Movement.

“The Revolution – Untold Story of Indian Freedom Struggle” is produced by KS Productions, Inc. in collaboration with Pastel Entertainment.

Our Executive Producers are Kaushik Mazumdar and Susmita Mazumdar from KS Productions, INC and Shanoli Majumdar from Pastel Entertainment

Our researcher is Dipanjan Maiti
Content developed by Dipanjan Maiti & Kaushik Mazumdar
Sound designed & original music composed by Satyajit Sen
Also used compositions by Kazi Najrul Islam

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