The world is falling apart. A pandemic is sundering people from one another. Life couldn’t have been more challenging for Ashabori during this global crisis. Trained at Rabindra Bharati University, many years ago, Ashabori had to compromise her dreams of pursuing a promising musical career. She sacrificed her passion for music to the societal and familial expectations, the expectations that Indian society often imposes on a woman. Migrating to America only meant the dwindling of Ashabori’s hopes of flowering as a Bengali vocalist. Partha and Ishani, her childhood friends acknowledge that Ashabori’s talent hasn’t dwindled, though. They request Ashabori to sing once again through their organization called Rhythm of Expression. Ashabori initially declines the offer, but a phone call from her mother changes everything. She does what she had resolved never to do. And music spirals her life into a new direction. Against the backdrop of how modern technology revolutionizes art, Alokeri Jharnadhara is a universal story of individual dreams and humanity.